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Monday, April 2, 2007

La Blue Girl Clip

Peter took a seat on one of the chairs at the table and the young man got up and left the room.

"Mrrr", she mumbled.


I dropped four hundred on headshots, a hundred more on duplication, and pretty soon I was mailing headshots and resumes off to agencies and casting notices from Backstage West. I got a few calls and an interview with an agent, but to them I was mostly just another pretty blonde trying to make it.

And Monty was a good man. He had been kindness itself since their first meeting a couple of years ago when Anna had attended the local Evening Institute to learn Mediaeval History and Monty had been the tutor. He taught at an expensive local private school during the day but gave some evenings free to the cause of Adult Education. He was a saint in Anna's eyes.

Hannah slammed her pulsating mound hard against her son's pelvic bone, sucking his cock balls deep into her womb, as she felt it jerk again and again, spewing his sperm into her body. "Yyyyeeeessss!" she cried. "Cum in me, you hot motherfucker. Give me all of your thick incestuous seed. Fill mother's incestuous pussy with your hot white juice. Oooohhh, shit. You're making me cum toooooooo!" She moaned as her orgasmic pussy collapsed around her son's throbbing member, milking it of every drop of hot fluid.

I froze in my tracks, unable to move toward them even though they were all staring at me. He had an arm around each of them, but that erection he sported in his trousers belonged to me, and we all knew it. He bent to whisper something to each of them and they nodded in unison before heading my way. I stayed rooted to the spot as they took either side of me, their long fingernails traveling up my body. I glanced one more time at the mystery man, whose eyes were so intense I nearly came on the spot. I could almost feel his thundering heartbeat as both girls pressed against my sides, grinding against me suggestively to the music.

Last out of the box were three weights; she hefted them in her hand, trying to judge just how heavy they were. Only a couple of ounces each, but over a full day she knew they'd be feeling like they were pounds.

Their beach front resort was quite nice, with extensive grounds, pools, bars, etc. Their room, however, had been purchased with a budget in mind. It was a one-room efficiency unit. It was nice and clean, but not very big. The front room consisted of one double bed, a sofa bed, and a roll away cot leaning against the wall. The back of the unit was split, with the bathroom on the left, and a kitchenette to the right. There was a sliding door from the tiny kitchen to a cozy patio, which then connected directly to the pool area.

"In about thirty" he said, and slid his hand out of hers. She nodded her head and went back into the house.

"I've got practice at 5.30, tomorrow morning," I grumbled. "Coach nearly had my balls last Friday when I showed up hung-over. He's getting really tough on the team – he kicked Nathan off games for two weeks just 'cos he showed up late for practice. I can't risk it, man."

The first oil change was done when the intercom finally got through to me, "Harri, come to the service counter." I pulled the rubber gloves off we use in here, and went down the long bay to the service counter.

"Danielle, what is this?", he said.

We walked slowly to the pond and even thought it was only about a quarter of a mile it took a long time to get there and I was sweating like a pig. All I was wearing was my nightshirt and Mary helped me pull it over my head then pulled her cotton summer dress over her head freeing her 36 c breasts. She pushed down her long pantaloons and as we stood naked before each other she smiled as she watched me let my eyes run over her 28 year old body.

Mrs Ramsbottom offered me a glass of sherry – not Bristol Cream, alas, but some mild little pee-coloured thing. Still, any port in a storm – or should that be sherry? Pardon my slight joke.

"There we met Emilio Cortes. God Helen, he was gorgeous! He seemed like such a nice guy. Considerate, charming, a regular gentleman, even though he looked like every girl's dream of the forbidden bad boy.

Then as Bob walked back into the room Keith forced her to her knees and one at a time they instructed her to get them hard again.

"That's so high school!" I exclaimed.

My cock was bouncing with a life of its own at the end of the bed. All I'd have to do was crawl up and stick it in the glistening pink space. Rose looked around sharply, as though to urge me to hurry up. With one step forward, the die was cast and all our possible futures branched off unpredictably before us.

Beth offered her glass in a toast. He met it with his glass. The candle flickered a little and went dark. Neither moved; only the glow of the television in the next room gave off light.

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